Do you have parking? Yes we do have lots of off street parking stress free! Please note that our shop/studio is home based. For classes at XOXO Vegan Cafe on Saturdays and Sundays, the cafe is located at New Brighton Mall opposite Bin Inn.

Your booking says 6 max what if there's more than 6 of us in a class? We can accomodate 6 max at my studio however, if there's more than 6, class location will be at XOXO Vegan Cafe. Please message us to arrange time and date.

Do you offer private class? Yes we do. Please send us an email.

Do you offer wheel one on one class? Please message us for more info.

Do you have pottery wheels to rent? Yes we do. Please flick us a message for more info.

How long before I can be able to paint my creations when using an air dry clay? Please make sure to paint it once its really dry approx after 3-7 days. Please make sure not to touch your creations after painting it. You need to wait for at least 3-5 days otherwise paint can come off.

How long can I be able to pick up my creations? Normally after 6-8 weeks depending on how 'busy' the kiln is.

What is the average class size? 6 Max for hand building and 6 for wheel throwing. Except for hand building class at XOXO Vegan Cafe. Cafe can accomodate up to 15 max.

Do you offer rebooking if we are unable to attend our pottery class? This class is non refundable. Please make sure you only register if you are comfortable with this policy. You can however transfer your slot to a friend.

Cancellation policy? As a small, family-run business, we have been heavily impacted by cancellations due to COVID. We have tried to make our T&C’s as flexible as possible while still ensuring our business can continue to provide a unique and wonderful experience. We thank you for your understanding and agreeing to these conditions when you book with us. Please note that we do not accept cancellations to all classes. This applies to COVID related situation so please only purchase a class with us if you are aware that we are unable to make any exceptions to this policy. We do not grant refunds. This also applies to cancelled private classes. No exceptions.

How long can you hold my creations? We cannot hold more than 30 days. If piece is not picked up after 30 days from the day we post it on our Instagram story for pick up, we will either dispose or give your items away.-Please note that this is a hand building class.

What do I wear during class? Please don't wear rings, long sleeves, long hair should be pulled back.If you have long nails, you may find smoothening your creations will be difficult and also might create cracks on your creations.

What if I am pregnant, can I still come in for pottery class? If you are pregnant, please wear gloves during the entire duration of your class.

How come mode of payment is bank transfer only? This is due to fee's associated with Stripe which is around 3.4% and processing fees depending on the cost. We do not want to add this fee's and mark up our prices. The savings goes on to you. However, if you want to use your credit card or Afterpay (Afterpay is +7%) please send us a message. You can also send us an SMS for faster transaction on 020.4026.4422. We can enable this option for you.

Do you offer firing services? Yes we do. We fire at cone 5/6. Preference are for individuals who bought their clay in store and existing members.

Do you host parties, hens, birthdays, team building and private group? Yes. We require 6 participants minimum for special group event.

For more info please click here.

I have throwing experience want to come in for a few hours, can I rent a space to throw on the wheel? Yes you can. Please send us an SMS regarding time and date.

Do you sell second hand wheels or kilns? We often do. Sometimes a fellow potter moves overseas or decide to totally give up pottery, we often sell on their behalf. For announcements regarding second hands, please follow us on Instagram @botpots.christchurch. We usually announce it on our instagram story and is usually sold within 5 minutes.

I want to purchase a Shimpo kiln/wheel. Can I come have a look at it first prior to purchasing? Sure you can. Please send us a message prior.

How long will it take before my work can no longer be picked up? We will post on our instagram page @botpots.christchurch when items are ready to pick up. If creations are unclaimed after 30 days, we will dispose any unclaimed items.

Do I get a refund if my class work explode in the kiln? No. You will not get a refund. Creations exploding in the kiln is beyond our control and in pottery it does happen even if we follow all the steps to avoid this kiln fate.

Do you offer classes for kids? The minimum to attend classes is 13+. We will soon open classes for ages 5+.